Teachers in America Are Not Paid Enough.

You can change that.

Booming economy, yet decreasing salaries

Despite the biggest United States economic boom in the past 10 years, teacher salary has decreased annually by 3%*.

Teachers, who are educating the next generation of our future leaders, are earning less every year. This is unacceptable.

*Adjusted for inflation [source]


70% of people agree teachers are underpaid

It’s no mystery that people believe teachers are not paid fairly. 

Not to mention, teachers have to cover their own classroom expenses such as pencils, notebooks, crayons, rulers, and markers. 

Why are teachers underpaid yet still have to pay for their own classroom expense? It’s a damn mystery to all of us. 

Give back — they deserve it

How are you reading this? Because a teacher taught you how to read. 

Support the teachers who helped you grow into who you are today. After years of wiping your snot off the table and teaching you about the universe (literally), it’s your turn to return the favor. 

Teachers made you who you are today. It’s time to say thank you.


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